Magnetic Information Platform


The aim of this project is the introduction of magnetic storage technology as data carrier and security feature in the sense of plagiarism protection in the industrial environment.

The complete system of the  magnetic information platform (MIP) consists of a storage medium, into the data is written, a magnetic write head and a magnetic read head.

The uniqueness of this system is achieved through the fusion of conventional storage technology with the thermal assisted writing approach.

The versatile application possibilities of the MIP, for example as information carriers, as a material measure in metrology, as an information carrier in the machine tool, as protection against plagiarism in drug packaging or in printer cartridges, as well as a security feature in banknotes, create a great benefit in the industrial environment.


Due to the high innovative nature of our technology

and the complexity of the technical market you need a deep and varied background knowledge. So out team have many interdisciplinary skills.

Our focus is a successful implementation of the Magnetic Information Platform on the market. We use our various expertise to develop and advance this technology.

Some companies and partners have already been convinced by our technology.


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