Magnetic Information Platform

Confidentiality, availability and integrity are necessary characteristics of information processing systems for data exchange in the environment of Industrie 4.0.


The aim of this project is the introduction of magnetic storage technology as data carrier and security feature in the sense of plagiarism protection in the industrial environment.

The technology is based on hard disk drive technology. It was researched in SFB 653, subproject L3, for more than 12 years.

The complete system of the  magnetic information platform (MIP) consists of a storage medium in which data is written, a magnetic write head and a magnetic read head. The uniqueness of this system is achieved through the fusion of conventional storage technology with the thermal assisted writing approach.

MIP is technologically an alternative to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Systems). Both systems are characterized by their rewritability. However the MIP has significant safety, cost and reliability advantages over RFID.

The use of the MIP is nearly universally possible due to the high resistance to contamination and the small required space of the storage medium (layer thickness ≈ 20 μm).

In the following figures you can not only see the schematic sequence of the writing process, but also an application example of a tool holder and a recording of the labeled storage medium.




Resistant to soiling

Machine readable

Low layer thickness approx. 20 µm


Writing Process

In the video you can see, how the data is written to the recording medium. An adaptation of the system to the industrial conditions can be made at any time.

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